Tronixpro 2 Hook Clipped Rig Size 1

Tronixpro 2 Hook Clipped Rig Size 1

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Brand:  Tronixpro

A simple rig that features two hook snoods coming off the main rig body. Two hooked rigs are fantastic at fishing both at close range and at long range, in their clipped versions. Two hook rigs give the angler the ability fish at different depths of the water column with one bait close to the seabed and one higher, or both on the sea bed when fished with a slack line. Two hook rigs also allow the angler to fish two different baits when hunting for a variety of species. Our two hook rigs are available either as a flapper or as a clipped down version for distance casting. The clipped down version comes with a rig spring below the top hook snood to eliminate hook length stretch and to keep snoods tight.

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