Sticky Baits Buchu-Berry Bait Spray

Sticky Baits Buchu-Berry Bait Spray

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Key Features
Highly Soluble
Easily absorb into your chosen hookbait

Bar Code:  506033111274
Part Number:  BUCBS
Brand:  Sticky Baits

Sticky Buchuberry Bait Spray has been designed as an alternative attractor to supplement the liquids already in each range. Although we swear by our Liquid Food and Glug ranges, they arenít ideal for soaking hookbaits for prolonged periods of time, as their dense nature can dramatically affect the buoyancy of a pop-up or wafter and render your rig mechanics useless.

Bait Sprays are a much lighter alternative, that easily absorb into your chosen hookbait, yet still pack the same punch as their thicker counterparts Ė simply grab a tub of hookbaits and give them a couple of sprays to seriously boost their attraction!

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