Sticky Baits Bloodworm Pop Ups 16mm

Sticky Baits Bloodworm Pop Ups 16mm

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Bar Code:  5060333110154
Part Number:  BLP16
Brand:  Sticky Baits

Designed to replicate the outstanding Bloodworm boilies, these pop-ups have been designed to be very user friendly and buoyant.

They are completely needle friendly, even in the smaller 12mm size, which are ideal for subtle presentations such as zigs or snowmen. The larger, 16mm hookbaits, are more suited to Chod or Hinge rigs as well as the ever-popular Ronnie/Spinner rig.

The lighter colour of the pop-ups matches your freebies once they have been submersed in water. If you wish, you can add some extra attraction to your hookbaits by using our Bloodworm Bait Spray.

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