Korum CS Series Corn Bread Barbless Hooks To Nylon Size 18

Korum CS Series Corn Bread Barbless Hooks To Nylon Size 18

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Part Number:  KCSHNCB/18
Brand:  Korum


The CS Series Hooks To Nylon range is a bespoke range of barbless rigs, purpose built for use with different baits. They are the perfect rigs for today's commercial fisheries, whether you are feeder fishing, float fishing, or even for bomb work.

We designed and developed the hooks for these rigs based around the knowledge and expertise of our angling consultants, as well as the innovative team at Preston Innovations, the UK's leading match brand. Picking the brains of top match anglers like Des Shipp and Andy Findlay, we devised the CS Series hooks and hooks to nylon. The resulting range has something to suit the direct hooking of virtually any bait and the lines the rigs are tied with is ultra strong and resilient. Give them a whirl and make your fishing choices even easier!

Bespoke dull black finish spade end hooks
Ultra-strong low diameter fishing lines
10 rigs per packet.
This hook is ideally suited for hooking bread flake, punch or sweetcorn. The wide gape and short point creates the ideal base for these larger baits.

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