ESP Quick Change Ronnie Booms

ESP Quick Change Ronnie Booms

Our Price:  £4.95

Key Features

Perfectly tied with an optimal length of 7 (18cm)
Super strong quick change clip for attaching Ronnie and Hinge rigs
Tungsten Loaded Semi Stiff pushes rig away at full extension for optimum presentation
Figure of 8 loop for easy attachment to mainline clip or swivel
Tungsten sleeve acts as the pop-up counterbalance and secures the rig onto the clip
Available in Small (0.3g) and large (0.6g) to suit multiple hook and pop-up sizes
In Weedy Green, Camo Brown & Silt Grey
Three booms per packet

Brand:  ESP


Perfectly tied, these booms are designed to complement Ronnie and Hinge rigs, allowing for quick and easy change of the hook section while also incorporating the all-important tungsten sleeve which counterbalances the pop-up and also secures the rig onto the clip. The tungsten sleeves are a perfect alternative to putty and are far more resilient to the attentions of crayfish

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