Which Carp Fishing Line Is Best

3 April 2022  |  Admin

Which Carp Fishing Line Is Best? Well there is no right or wrong answer to this, there are many different types of line on the market each have there own propertys for carp fishing. When choosing a new carp fishing line you will need to look at a few things, are you casting long distances, is the lake full of weed or snags, are there bars or under water features, what colour is the lake bed, what is the make up of the lake bed, is it clay, silty, gravel, how do the Carp act when there are many lines in the water. Another Factor you will need to think about is the type of reel you use, most modern reels are designed to reduce line twist but no matter how you use the reel you will still get line twist which in turn will cause frap ups and birds nests.
so you will need to try a few different types of line before you settle on one particular one.you will find one that works for your angling style and your reels. Dont listen to what people say on forums because every reel and the way Anglers use there reels is different. So one line may be brilliant for your mates reel and style of fishing but not yours.
There are Mono Lines,Flurocarbon Coated Lines, Copolymer Lines, Pure Flurocarbon Lines these will vary in price ranges, you do get what you pay for with line so it may be worth you spending a bit more on a better line.
Here is our Guide to Which Carp Fishing Line Is Best.
For Distance Casting you will need a low diameter line 12-15lb is about right copolymer type lines are good for this they tend to be low memory and once stretched after a few casts, behave with little frap ups.

For Clear Water Lakes and the fish are a bit rig shy, and you dont have to cast long distances then flurocarbon or flurocarbon coated lines these tend to have a thicker diameter and will reduce the casting ability, but will sink like a brick and pin its self to the lake bed aiding camouflage. be aware of flurocarbon as the knot strength is greatly reduced with types of knots. it also has a tendency to attract dirt in the water so you will need to reel through a cloth to clean it

For Weedy and Snaggy Lakes or Rivers, you will need to have a line with a high abrasion resistance, this will help when fish dive into weed beds, or brush against snags. monos, copolymer and flurocarbon coated lines all have high abrasion resistance. you may find that the cheaper monos have hi memory, this will cause twist and frap ups.

Coloured Waters, there are many green, Brown lines out there for this type of water, match line colour to the water for better camofluage.

Key Points to rember the higher the diameter of the line the more potential to reduce casting distance.
Every Reel and Anglers fishing style is different so find a line that suits you and your fishing style.