What Colour Line Is Best For Carp Fishing

20 March 2022  |  Admin

There are many different types and colour variations of Carp Fishing Line in the carp fishing market place, and many different Lake and river bed colours. Here is our guide to line colours.
For Crystal clear waters
Clear, Grey tinge, and Green Tinge are recomended, these types of line will blend in with the lake or river bed offering the most camouflage.

Coloured Waters, typical commercial carp fisheries, Clear, Brown, the water tends to be of a clay brown colour and the lake bed in most situatons will be clay with occasional silt and gravel patches.

Silty Estate Lakes, Clear,Brown Or Black, have a good look at the lake bed. if mainly silty grey or black then a Black Line.

Weedy Waters and waters where there is a lot of silk weed on the lake or river bed then Clear or Lines with A green tinge in them.

Other colours available are red, Purple or orange. These colours will change due to the depth of water so unless you are fishing very deep venues ie more than 20ft deep then stay away from these lines.
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