Have You Cracked The Code

22 May 2021  |  Admin

Have You Cracked The Code

A bait that has proven to be an instant hit throughout our extensive fieldtesting on a wide variety of waters both in the UK and across Europe. A true all-round bait, being a perfect blend of human food grade nut meals, Nutrabaits own yellow birdseed blend along with vitamins and minerals. Giving a bait packed with nutritional content with boosted levels of in-built attraction to ensure twelve months a year effectiveness.

Add to this a beautiful Amino-rich blend of liquid foods, yeasts and natural sugars, along with our in-house blend of flavours and essential oils that carp simply find hard to resist.

This is one of those baits that can be used with total confidence on virtually and type of water throughout the year.

Use as a long term baiting strategy, to complement the bottom baits Nutrabaits have created a range of products designed to get the fish feeding on your bait,Code Activator,Hookbait Complex, Bait Spray and Liquid Enzyme to boost the attraction to your chosen Bottom Bait, Wafter or pop up. Stick & bag mix dampen with a little activator for the perfect pva bags or sticks, and a range of matching pellets to keep the fish grubbing around.
The range is know available to order through this website.