Wolf Mozzi Zapper
 Wolf Mozzi ZapperWolf Mozzi Zapper 

Wolf Mozzi Zapper

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Key Features

* Power: 4W, Lighting 1W, Mosquito killing 3W
* Battery type: Lithium 18650, 1200mAh
* Input: USB DC5V 1000MA
* Mosquito lure beads: SMD2835*9PCS
* Torch leads: Imitation Lumileds lamp beads 1W
* Wavelength: 365~395NM
* Lumen of torch: 100LM
* Grid voltage: (No mosquitoes touch it) 800V
* Product weight: 176.5g /260g with colour box
Full charging needs 3.5 hours
1. Both on (lighting + killing): 4.5 hours
2. Lighting only: 10 hours
3. Killing only: 14 hours

Brand:  Wolf International

The Battery Mosquito Killer Lamp has the function of lighting and mosquito killing. Our design optimises the lamp structure to ensure that the light distribution curve of the LED is comparable to that of a filament bulb. The lamp offers efficient LED technology combined with the styling of the classic filament bulb. The blue light with special wavelength to attract insects to the high voltage grid leading to the death of the insect by electric shock 8OOV. The insect bodies will fall down through the inner space of the lamp and the dead insects can be brushed away.

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