Sticky Baits Pure Tuna Liquid

Sticky Baits Pure Tuna Liquid

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Brand:  Nutrabaits

Sourced from the purest Pacific tuna, this ultra-soluble tuna hydrolysate is rich in super attractive amino acids akin to those found in the old school L-Zero 30.

As a result of the hydrolysis, this liquid is very low in fat, which makes it ideal for year-round use. The highly digestible and soluble proteins found within are the prefect food source for carp. High levels of free amino acids also make Pure Tuna Liquid one of the most attractive liquids in our range.

Versatility is Pure Tuna’s middle name, add it to anything you like to give an extra dimension to your freebies or hookbaits.

Key Features
Rich in attractive amino acids
Totally raw, fresh product
Packed with soluble, digestible proteins
Perfect for glugging baits or adding to PVA stick and spod mixes

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