Sticky Baits Manilla Tuff Ones 20mm

Sticky Baits Manilla Tuff Ones 20mm

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Bar Code:  5060333112240
Part Number:  MT020
Brand:  Sticky Baits

As a result of our uncompromising stance on bait quality, our baits are on the soft side, due to reduced boiling times and quality ingredients. As a result of this, if you are fishing somewhere with lots of nuisance fish, crayfish or birds then the Tuff Ones are the ideal choice of hookbait for you.

Manilla Tuff Ones are designed to match your freebies perfectly but provide ample protection and ensure you are always fishing confidently. Despite their super-tough nature, they contain the same liquids and powdered attractants as our bottom baits.

If you want to, you can also customise these hookbaits with the addition of liquids or even powders from our Pure Naturals range to make sure your hookbait stands out over your baited area.

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