Nutrabaits Cream Cajouser 15mm Shelf Life Boilies

Nutrabaits Cream Cajouser 15mm Shelf Life Boilies

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Brand:  Nutrabaits

Cream Cajouser must surely go down as one of the nicest smelling carp attractors of all time and these birdfood enriched ready-mades - that also include the optimum levels of Amino rich Multimino, Betaine HCI along with our Cream Cajouser liquid that provides everything that you would expect from a bait and more.

This is a bait that has a terrific track record of producing the goods irrespective of your approach or the type of venue you are fishing and when used in conjunction with the matching Rapid Breakdown Pellets or a few squirts of Bait Soak Spray, it produces one of the most irresistible mouthfuls of nutrition imaginable.

Cream Cajouserís inherent pulling power and consistency also ensures it is many anglers number one choice for overseas trips.

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