Kryston Snyde 13lb Premium Grade Copolymer 1000m

Kryston Snyde 13lb Premium Grade Copolymer 1000m

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Brand:  Kryston

Frustrated with monos that spook fish? Seeking a quality low visibility sinking mono? Then look no further. Snyde is a premium grade copolymer in a superb watery green shade that merges in naturally with virtually any type of background.

Anglers who prefer to better their presentation by fishing with slack lines will welcome Snyde with open arms. Once the surface tension is broken it readily sinks to hug the bottom. Field testers report it’s the nearest thing to fishing with a back lead.

Smooth and supple combined with uniform diameters Snyde is ideal for many angling situations. Abrasion resistance is first-rate. Tested on boulder-strewn rivers and line sapping weed-infested waters, this product will appeal to barbel and carp anglers alike. Do not be fooled by the price, the quality of this outstanding mono compares and exceeds the performance of many more expensive lines on sale.

Snyde’s unique breaking strains will be great news for those who require the extra strength when playing fish. How many times have you hooked a hard-fighting specimen that you have to clamp down on to stop it from reaching the snags and wished you had something in reserve?

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