Korum Snapper Slider Float 15cm

Korum Snapper Slider Float 15cm

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Brand:  Korum

These super tough hi-visibility floats have been made using a mix of wooden materials to provide a durable, buoyant range for all your predator fishing. This mix of Platane and Hard Balsa materials provides a truly unique float which utilises a combination of matt black and high gloss fluorescent paints for optimum stealth and visual bite indication.

Snapper Slim Slider Float 15cm 15g
Despite being highly buoyant the reduced profile of the slim slider provides minimal resistance to shy-biting predators including zander and pike. Perfect for close to medium distance fishing these floats are ideal for a large range of venues from drains, canals, rivers, drains and medium sized lakes. The perfect float for fishing deadbaits slightly overdepth, offering enhanced sensitivity and early bite indication.

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