Korum Snapper Loaded Shads 5g 7.5cm

Korum Snapper Loaded Shads 5g 7.5cm

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Brand:  Korum


The Korum Chevron Shad has been tested over two years, bringing impressive results throughout the development process. Designed to imitate the most common prey fish, the Chevron Shad offers maximum vibration, natural swimming action and side-to-side wobble. The Chevron rib effect produces water movement around the shad, increasing the turbulence created by the body and tail. Comes pre-loaded with a super sharp high-carbon jighead.
SILVER FISH - An amazing prey fish imitation, with touches of glitter and gold for optimum attraction.

SERGEANT PERCH - Designed to perfectly imitate striped prey. Red flashes give aggressive visual appeal.

HOT OLIVE - A classic combination of olive, pearl and warm orange. Imitates injured, weak prey fish.

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