Korda IQ2 Extra Soft Fluorocarbon 10lb 20m

Korda IQ2 Extra Soft Fluorocarbon 10lb 20m

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Product Features.
Improved Knot Strength.
Improved Breaking Strain.
Increased Abrasion Resistance.
Soft and Easy to work with.
Virtually invisable in water.
Provides Tangle free presentation.

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Brand:  Korda


Korda IQ2 Extra Soft Fluorocarbon,Have you ever used a hook link that knew not to tangle? One of which the fish could hardly see, and one that made it more difficult than any other to eject? Open this packet and maybe for the very first time you will be.

IQ is a fluorocarbon which refracts light in almost the same way as water, making it almost invisible when immersed. It is stiffer than normal nylon so improving anti-tangle and anti-eject properties.

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