Korda D Rig Kickers Large

Korda D Rig Kickers Large

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Key Features
Can be used with both soft and stiff hook links.
For Hook Size 2-4.
Camo Green.
Use with Pop Ups and Bottom Baits

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Brand:  Korda


The hugely effective D-rig doesn’t really need to much of an introduction. Anglers like Danny Fairbrass, and others spread all over the globe, have been using variations of it for many years and in front of the underwater cameras it proved to be one of best hooking rigs.

“When a fish sucks in a bait it’s in and out of their mouth in a split second. You want the hook to go in and catch hold straightaway. And that’s what this does.” - Danny Fairbrass

With a lot of people struggling to make the perfect ‘D’ we’ve now made things a lot easier. The D-rig Kicker helps you making a perfect wafter presentation to fish close to the lakebed in a matter of seconds

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