Korda Choddy Size 10 Micro Barbed Hooks

Korda Choddy Size 10 Micro Barbed Hooks

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Brand:  Korda

This hook was designed primarily for use with the popular chod and hinged stiff rig presentations, alongside a stiff filament like Mouth Trap. However, its appeal doesn't end there, it's a super all-round pop-up hook, which can be used with rigs like Darrell Peck's N-Trap pop-up rig, as well as Tom Dove's N-Trap bottom-bait rig.
To allow the sweeping curve of the chod rig to continue unhindered up onto the hook, the Choddy has an out-turned eye. The rest of it's shape is based around the magical dimension of the iconic Wide Gape pattern, with all its attendant hold-and-hold capabilities. The Choddy is thicker in the wire than the standard Wide Gape, which makes it perfect for the biggest carp in the world.

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