CC Moore Whole Frozen Bloodworm 1kg

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Key Features

1kg block of pure, quality controlled frozen bloodworm
An irresistible, naturally occurring food source for fish
An unrivalled bait for tempting large, pressured carp
Repeatedly promotes intense and confident feeding
Rich in amino acids derived from aquatic proteins
Superb for mixing into particle and bag mixes
Outstanding in loose feeds with frozen water snails
Excellent in PVA bags, mixed with bloodworm bag mix

Part Number:  63617
Brand:  CC Moore

These are 1kg blocks of pure frozen whole bloodworm, the natural food item that fish probably find more irresistible than any other. Even when used sparingly in loose feeds and bait mixes it consistently triggers a superior feeding response to other bait items. Frozen Bloodworm is superb as a PVA bag mix, spod mix or particle mix additive and can be used throughout all four seasons.

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