CC Moore Bloodworm Pellets 6mm 1kg

CC Moore Bloodworm Pellets 6mm 1kg

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Key Features
High content of soluble attractors; ideal for year-round use
Mid to dark red sinking pellets
Medium oil content, high digestible protein content
Deep, savoury taste & rich, natural bloodworm aroma
Rich in amino acids derived from marine proteins
Packed with our unique, potent bloodworm products
2mm: Superb size for use in PVA Bags and sticks
6mm: Ideal size for catapulting or use in spod mixes
Fully retain shape when breaking down in water
Excellent for scalding with hot water to make paste
Breakdown Time (in cold water):

2mm- 3 hours

6mm- 6/7 hours

Brand:  CC Moore

Dark red, sinking Bloodworm Pellets with a rich, savoury bloodworm aroma and salty, fishy taste.

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