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Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarm Head

Our Price:  £94.99
List Price:  £115.99
Saving Of:  18%
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Siren R3 Head:  

Brand:  Nash Tackle
Blue:  Blue
Green:  Green
Red:  Red
White:  White

Using the most advanced technology ever made available to anglers the Siren R3 eliminates false indication, using microchip inrelligent sensing based on change of speed in line movement.

Key Features
Patented sensitivity control utilising microchip intelligent Sensing.
Market leading 400 metre plus remote performance.
One Touch mute function.
Waterproof gasket seals.
High output adjustable volume and variable tone.
Ultra high-vis pulsing latching LED.
Pulsing fibre optic output for optics light pipes and heads.
Integrated removable rubberised snag ears.
Ultra long battery with low battery life with low battery alert.
Protective PVC Case

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