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Nash Hook Beads

Nash Hook Beads
Our Price:  £1.99(Inc. 20% VAT)
Hook Beads:  

Brand:  Nash Tackle

Trap hook rings and swivels on the shank
Tune the anti-eject properties of any rig with these micro Diffusion Camo beads.

Tapered Diffusion Camouflage beads trap Hook Rings and Hook Swivels on the shank to fine tune the anti-eject properties of any rig.

Pierce Hook Beads and slide in to position to grip the shank or bend and determine the movement of sliding hairs or improve the turning properties of your rig. Available in Small and Large, 20 stops per packet. Use Small Hook Beads for hook sizes 7-10, Large Hook Beads for sizes 2-6.

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