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Nash Bobbin Glow Pipe

Nash Bobbin Glow Pipe
Our Price:  £7.99(Inc. 20% VAT)
Nash Bobbin Glow Pipe:  

Brand:  Nash Tackle

Use fibre optic technology to illuminate Nash Bobbin Heads with a wicked pulsing glow direct from the Siren R3 alarms allowing you to match any R3 LED colour.

Glow Pipes gently illuminate the area around a Nash Bobbin Head with a unique regenerating glow that fades in and out. Available in 12cm and 20cm

Direct attachment into Siren R3 alarms
Fibre Optic light transmission
Colour matches your Nash Bobbin head to your LEDs
Unique regenerating glow
Available in 12 and 20cm
NOTE: Glow Pipes replicate LED colours of R3 alarms only.

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