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Orchard Tackle Baits 

Responsible for many Lake Records and PB'S Across this country and France. 

All our Baits are vigorously tested by field testers for at least 6 months before they are released to the general public across a wide range of waters, Day ticket venues, Syndicate waters, Estate Lakes, reservoirs and rivers. 

All of the baits in the range are made from the best quality ingredients rolled fresh for each order. 

Coconut & Scopex 

Bird food Base Mix Light yellow in colour responsible for carp to 41 in the UK and 56 LB in France with over 100 fish out in a two week period first time the bait went in the lake.

Coconut & Banana 

The same bird food base mix at the Coconut & Scopex light yellow in colour responsible for carp to 45lb in the UK and 48LB in France 

The Nutz 

A high Quality nut base mix with 4 different types of nut meal used at various levels. This bait has had Carp to 47LB in the uk and a massive 60lb in france again first time the bait was introduced to the water. 

Nutz & Banana 

the same base mix as the nutz but with banana Carp to 42lb in the uk and 53lb in france.

Nutz & orange 

The same as the nutz base mix with added orange essential oil smalls like Terry's chocolate orange  This bait is proven across all day ticket venues with carp to 38lb not tried in france yet.


A spicy Fishmeal and robin Red Base mix with an added twist, based on a recipe from the 90's tweaked using the best ingredients. This bait emptied most Lakes in the southeast then and now. It was taken to a lake in france off the beaten track to test the results where outstanding with over 1000 lb of carp in 12 hours A brace of 40's and the biggest being 57lb. again the bait was introduced for the first time. 

Tiger Nut and Toffee 

A high quality nut base mix again a proven day ticket venue bait fished all weathers. carp to 38lb in UK and 44lb in France. 

Condensed Milk & Cream 

A Milk Protein and bird food base mix Pink In colour this bait smells creamy and the fish love it Used in the Frant lake Video it was responsible for 30 carp landed in the film, and 10 fish lost with all 3 of my rods going off at the same time. in a 48 hour session the fish where certainly on it. And also used in the tricklebrook fishery video. with very good results  if used as boilie crumb it clouds the water like ground bait would getting the carp excited.

Condensed Milk & Banana 

the same base mix at the Condensed Milk & Cream  but with banana yellow in colour smells like the old banana sweets we used to buy as kids. carp to 45lb in the UK Currently not tried in France.


Hi quality Peanut and tiger nut base mix with banana and toffee flavouring 

good all round bait proven on day ticket waters with carp to 44lb in the uk 

The Special 

A white in colour milk and bird food base mix smells like pear drop sweets a good winter bait carp to 44lb caught in the uk .

There are two New additions to the range that are currently in Testing Stage


A fishmeal Robin red Bait with two added Flavours and a few active ingredients Vitamins and minerals. this has currently taken fish to 43LB in the UK and 35lb in france. 


Green Lipped Mussel a very high quality Bait Green in colour again using the best quality ingredients and liquids. this has taken fish to 34lb in the UK and will make its debut in france over the coming weeks. 


Check out the two Videos on youtube of the bait being put through its paces.




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