New Orchard Tackle Tackle Box Essentials

Friday, 15 June 2018  |  Admin

Orchard Tackle Are proud to announce our own brand of Terminal Tackle, This Tackle Box Essentials Range will Grow over the next few months. 

Range Starters include Six Colours of Pop-up Corn Ideal for topping of your bait with vibrant colours, Yellow, White, Green, Red, Orange and Pink. These will certainly catch the Eye of feeding carp or tench.

Boilie Stops 3 colours at the moment Clear, Hi Viz Yellow, Hi Viz Orange use to match your chosen bait or use as a visual attractor, easy to use dumbell shape.

Shank Stops  A clear stop with a hole through the centre to enable easy treading on to your chosen hook. Ideal for use with micro ring swivels or Bait Screws. 

Bait Screws with oval ring make attaching a Boilie, Pop-Up or other baits easy. 

Ideal for use on chod rigs, D Rigs, Multi Rigs. 

All These Products Are High Quality, the range will grow over the next few months and will include Tungsten Tubing, Lead Clips, Tail Rubbers, Full Range of Swivels, clips, Rig Rings, Uncoated Braid, Coated Braid, Beads, Hooks, PVA, Tungsten Putty and much more so please Keep an Eye on this website as soon as it arrives it will be listed. 

Orchard Tackle